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Prints I got back from my emulation photoshoot in which I focuses on Diane Arbus. A very eccentric photographer who was popular during the 1940’s. She did strictly portrait work of people who were considered bizarre and eccentric such as identical twins, circus freaks, nudists, tattooed people, drag queens, midgets (or little people), and any other wild thing you can imagine. She was Jewish and lived in New York. She shot the image of the twin girls that are echoed throughout the movie the shining. Diane Arbus sadly killed herself. I chose three of my (what I consider to be) eccentric friends. Only one of these models is a female. I chose to add my own twist into the photos because of Diane’s work being shot strictly in black and white (considering it was film photography). I hope you enjoy!

i love the alternative disney princesses (and alice)

Kottonmouth Kings - Love Lost →
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